Pickup Is Offered To
Businesses Only

Pickup Is Available Based On Location & Quantity Of E-waste

Pick Up Request Form
(For Businesses)


You should receive a confirmation email or phone call within 24 hours of submitting your pickup request. please contact us directly via phone or email if you have not received a confirmation.

Notes and Conditions:

  • Pickup is offered to businesses only, based on location and quantity of e-waste. Individuals are welcome to drop of their electronic waste at one of our locations.
  • Common electronics accepted for pickup are Computers, Printers, Scanners, Phones, Cellphones, Computer parts, Electronic boards, PC Monitors, Computer Peripherals, Network devices, etc.
  • Pickups will be offered based on availability, schedule, load and location of items.
  • Update Green is not responsible for the items with Data on them after the items are released to Update Green employee. (Example: Computer, Cellphone, etc.). Clients are responsible for deleting and removing all their data from their systems before releasing them to Update Green.
  • It is client`s responsibility to do backup of any necessary data prior to item release.
  • Other conditions may apply. Clients may ask for detail.