Electronic Waste Collection & Recycling

Users quickly replace their electronic devices with newer, faster and stronger gadgets on the market. obsolete or outdated computer and electronics are a rapidly growing stream of U.S waste which need to be disposed and recycled.
Update Green is specialized in Electronic waste collection and handling.

Electronic Waste Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop off is accepted at our designated facilites. Besides droping off e-wate, companies can also schedule their pickup online and through our website or by phone.
*Conditions may apply, ask for detail.

Hard Drive Destruction

The destruction process is safe, fast, and secure. We will destroy your drives quickly and efficiently so you can get on with your business day.
Once the drives are destroyed we will provide you with a Certificate of Assured Destruction.
Hard Drive Destruction either on-site and at client`s facility or at our warehouse only costs $5 per hard drive. There may be a minimum quantity of hard drives required.

Office Equipment Disposition

Update Green helps companies to easily remove, dispose and recycle their office equipment like furniture or office supplies.
The equipment need to be in working and reusable condition.

Electronics & Computer Resale

Buyers are welcome to leave their best offer on available electronic products.
Update Green provides new, used and refurbished products with competitve wholesale prices.

Variety of items and conditions are available.